About us

Deficiency of suitable building companies in the territory of and its region, more frequent market demands for reliable contractors, existing market demands for high quality residential and business space expressed the necessity of founding a well-organized building company, capable of building even the largest objects using 'the turnkey system'. That was exactly the vision of the management team of IE - Investment Engineering company.

Developing of IE - Investment Engineeringis based on the successful work of the highly-educated management team and qualified engineering personnel who fulfill with their knowledge the highest demands regarding the realization of the most complex projects.

The company owns its commercial as well as legal financial service that uses the most modern information system.

Contemporary trends in the civil-engineering set a number of standards in projecting and building so that the new apartments could satisfy the high demands of buyers and investors. Monitoring each detail involved in the process, using proven and reliable material, IE - Investment Engineering guarantees permanence, reliability and high quality of building to its buyers.

Comparative advantage of IE - Investment Engineeringcan be seen in the clearly strategic approach, directed to satisfy the buyer completely. Beside the above mentioned quality, the owner of every apartment as well as the investor is given neat projecting, building and property-rights documents.